About company


Nanalteco S.L. is an independent private engineering company developing innovative technologies and materials for environmental applications.

Nanalteco is a perfect alloy of world-known scientists with high impact factors and h-indexes, talented and inventive engineers capable of solving technical problems of any complexity, ambitious and creative market analysts and business lucky devils. The activities cover the whole bunch of areas around the environmental protection and remediation, green chemistry and robust process design. Air and water (including wastewater)purification were the roots of the company. The background high-tech solutions being developed by Nanalteco are built on adsorbents and catalysts, with the major focus on nano-engineered materials.

The mission of Nanaltecois to move the brilliant ideas and tip-of-a-pen lab verification to the orbit of full-scale commercial products. The use of innovative porous materials as carriers for catalysts and matrices for efficient adsorbents combined with deep expertise and inherited skills helps us to develop new technology to convert wastes into high added-value products (a waste-to value approach). The precious experience of the team translates into cost-effective and society-focused technologies.

The world is facing serious challenges in the coming troublesome future. The short supply of low-cost energy and the growing oil and gas prices are calling for the revolutionary steps in the development of renewable sources of energy, fuel and raw materials.

The engineering solutions are based on in-house knowledge, know-how, and technology stemming from research and development efforts. The Nanalteco adsorbents, catalysts and processes meet and exceed customer expectations.

Nanaltecoperforms modeling studies based on the first principles and innovative IT solutions for the prediction of important properties of materials.

Nanalteco is the solution provider committed to a   long-term partnership with industrial customers. We offer business consulting, marketing studies and effective solutions that enable our customers to gain the synergy of the components they hardly expected to get.